Ark Curtains

Phyllis Kantor Judaic Weaving

Ark Curtain and Tapestry

Each Parochet is individually designed to go with existing synagogue decor.

The fabric is handwoven from the finest of natural fibers.

  1. Ark Curtain
    Temple Beth Zion
    Buffalo NY
           Click to see the Torah Mantles
    behind this parochet

  2. Ark Curtain
    Temple Beth David
    Westwood MA

  3. Lectern cover
    Sinai Synagogue
    South Bend, IN

  4. "Creation":Day 6 and Shabbat
    2 of 14 tapestries
    Synagogue at Menorah Park Home for the Aging
    Cleveland OH

  5. Tapestry Triptych
    Beth Elohim
    Plainview, NY

  6. "Let Justice Well Up as Water"
    First United Methodist Church
    Eugene OR

  7. "Beloved"

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